You are currently viewing Οι Half Gramme of Soma support act στους θρυλικούς THERAPY?

Οι Half Gramme of Soma support act στους θρυλικούς THERAPY?

Οι έλληνες Half Gramme of Soma προστέθηκαν στο line up της επερχόμενης και πολυαναμενόμενης συναυλίας των θρυλικών THERAPY? στις 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2024.

Λίγα λόγια για τους Half Gramme of Soma.

Half Gramme of Soma is a rock band formed in early 2011, based in Athens, Greece. Blending heavy rock
sound with a wide range of influences, HGoS were introduced to the greek music scenery by their strong live
appearances. In early 2013 they put out their s/t debut album, which was followed by member changes and
many lives in Greece.
On May 2017 they released the second full length album ‘Groove is Black’ and made the first European Tour.
On September 2022 the band released through Sound of Liberation records its third full length album ‘Slip
Through The Cracks’ followed by the second European Tour alongside Naxatras where the band had the
chance to play in many gigs across Europe but also in festivals such as Desertfest (Antwerp), Keep it low
Festival (Munich) and Up n Smoke Festival (Plattern – Switzerland)

Half Gramme of Soma are (from left to right):
Choco – Guitars, Vox
Pedro – Drums, Vox
Psilos – Guitars
Motor – Vox
Mak – Bass